Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Nail Tutorial: Avon Gel finish

When it comes to painting my nails, i'm rather a plan Jane type of person. I go for a bright colour and that's about it. I often see all these fancy nail arts and people experimenting with different prints and stamps. However that's far to advance for me. When I received a thin fan brush from Avon I had absolutely no idea what it's suppose to be used for until I googled it and saw everyone doing these brush prints on their nails. So I thought I would go ahead and give it a try! 
 So I started off by painting a base coat of the Nude Avon Gel finish polish, I used 2 coats and the finish of this polish is so shinny and even.
 I waited to the Nude Avon Gel finish polish to dry completely. I then dipped my fan brush into the Purple Avon Gel finish polish and roughly brushed it across the nail. You can clean up around the nail with the nail polish remover and a cotton bud if you have painted onto your skin.
 You can try it with various colour, just make sure that the base colour is lighter than the colour you use ontop. So that it would stand out.
 So if you want to try something different when it comes to nail art & want to make it stand out this is a great way to do it. The fan tool can be purchased at AVON.

Monday, 6 July 2015

Shopping with #FashionFriendsSA winner!

Hi All, so yesterday I was super excited to go and shop at Foschini with the #FashionFriendsSa winner. Myself and Ayesha had such an awesome time browsing the store, chatting & looking for the perfect items for her.
{Ofcourse a dressing-room #selfie is in-order!}
 After going through various items, Ayesha however mentioned that she loved the dress I wore on the #FashionFriendsSa shoot and that she wanted to try it on herself. Off we went in search of that particular dress and as soon as she tried it on, it was a perfect fit!
She grabbed a few more items, a stunning grey cardi and these awesome maroon boots. All in all it was a really fun shopping experience.
Thanks so much Ayesha for joining me! Would love to do this again...

Tuesday, 30 June 2015

Typo - Vintage Diner in July

Typo goes Retro this July and has shared with us their amazing Vintage Diner July imagery and gifting ideas. I thought ill share these images with you so that you know what to expect in Typo for the month of July.
I will definitely be getting me a few of those pretty sip cups xx

What’s in my bag?

I can remember doing a post like this in my beginning blogger days and thought it would be fun to do another one as I’m sure the contents of my bag would have changed since say 2 years ago. I love reading and seeing what other bloggers carry in their bag so I thought i'd once again try my hand at it.
Lipstick, Gum & Floss brushes
These are the few items that you would almost always find in my bag. I have a no less that 4 to 5 items of lipsticks stuck in some or other inner pocket of my bag & these floss brushes just always comes in handy at the weirdest moments so I just keep them in my bag just in case. Sugar free gum is always a must as it keeps your breath oh so fresh!
 Hair-ties, Slides, Grips and Flower crown
I always have one or other hair crises, hence in this area i'm quiet prepared. Ever since I've cut my hair, I actually can't tie it without pieces of strands falling by the wayside. But for some reason I still keep these in my bag (just in case). This flower crown has actually belongs to my 5year old niece and have been meaning to return it, but never did so its been dragged along in my bag ever since. It's quiet pretty right...
Nail polish, Tweezer, Nail Clipper & Notebook 
There is at-least one bottle of nail polish in my bag & a trusted nail clipper, you know just in case a nail chips or hooks. You know it's happened to you before at some point or another? I'm really busy with work, studies and blogging so those in-between moments when i'm not as busy, I'll paint my nails. My tweezer travels with me wherever I go, having nicely twee-zed brows is a must for me, hence if I see a hair out of place I have this constant urge to tweeze it & set the record straight. I also have those random splurges of inspiration & hence I always keep a small notebook handy just to write down a few ideas which I would be able to resume to later. The fact that it's pink makes me love it even more...
Competition Time:
This particular Blackcherry bag is one of my favourites, & it can be purchased from FashionHub. Let me know what's in your bag and you can win a R1000 FashionHub voucher. There are x2 R1000 vouchers up for grabs.

Monday, 15 June 2015

My 5 favourite app’s on my Iphone right now...

I always find friends asking how I edit my pictures or what apps I’ve been using. So thought I’ll give you a sneak peak onto my phone to show you a few of my favourite apps. The below 5 of my most used apps on my phone.
(Actual screenshots included) 
Gumtree App
So without any doubt this obviously would be on my favourites list. I am huge Gumtree fan. I love a good deal or bargain & what better place to search for them than on Gumtree. I use to sit for hours on my Laptop searching looking for whether it may be textbooks, games, or even great furniture pieces at a fraction of the cost. That was until I heard about the gumtree app, it makes scrolling through the various categories so much easier.
All you have to do is download the app, sign up and you can customize the the app to see the areas closest to you. I love searching and scrolling through the "Home & Garden" section as I find antiques pieces something rather exquisite.This app is so easy to navigate.
I have this thing where I search and scroll Gumtree for properties, even though i'm not planning on purchasing a new home anything soon, I cant help but scroll through the various homes just to see what is available and on the market. Who knew searching for your dream home could be so easy...
Click here for the Google Play store Gumtree link or here for the apple store Gumtree link!

Zomato App
Yes, I love food & Yes, eating out and finding awesome new restaurant in and around Cape Town is on top of my list. This awesome Zomato App makes it so much easier to find your favourite spot. I love the way this app greets me by name... me have we met before? It's so cool though.You can select whether your looking for breakfast cafes, a spot for lunch even a fancy, pansy restaurant for supper. Its all available at a click of a button. They even rate the restaurant so that you know what to expect... hows that for service!

Insta-Collage App
Yes, as much I love taking a #selfie, creating beautiful collages is another love of mine. Whenever I feel a need to put a bunch of pretty pictures together, I would use this app. Besides the annoying ad pop ups at the top bar, the variety of collages makes the app a great option. It's really worth the try.

Photoshop App
This is all time favorite photo editor. All the pictures that you would see on my blog or my various social media platforms  would usually get filtered through this app. I love a crisp, brightened picture this app makes my pictures 10x better than what it actually is. It smoothes the skin & even removes zits and blemishes.Yup this app is my BFF.

Ster-Kinekor App
So hubby and I love watching movies, we  go quite often and I use this app to check if a new movie is showing yet or what the time scheduled is for a movie to start, I can even pre-book tickets and seats simply by using this app.
Let me know what your favourite app is, would love to check it out.


So last week a few selected bloggers received the #Secretbox12 before it was released and open to the public. I was so excited about the content of the box, but was not able to reveal until last week Thursday. These products really excited me as I constantly colour and change up my hair; I’m on a constant pursuit to find products that helps fight damage while I go on living my life.

RSP R 240.00
Rich, restorative oil treatment with natural barbary fig oil smoothes, nourishes and replenishes dry, dull or damaged hair. For instant strength, opulent shine and softness without weighing the hair down. Fragrance makes the treatment in the salon and at home a very sensuous, pampering experience.
(200 ML), RSP R 190.00
Cleansing and intense replenishment for strong, shiny and silky-soft hair thanks to the combination of micro-emulsion technology and barbary fig oil, rich in antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids.
Rich, restorative oil treatment with natural barbary fig oil smoothes, nourishes and replenishes dry, dull or damaged hair. For instant strength, opulent shine and softness without weighing the hair down. 
The first oil range with micro-keratin and Barbary Fig oil for damaged hair The regenerating products in the new BC Oil Miracle Barbary Fig Oil range complement the existing BC Oil Miracle line and specifically meet the care needs of dry, damaged and brittle hair. There is a strong trend towards oil treatments that use beneficial “exotic” oils to provide high-performance care for rough, brittle hair. Barbary fig seed oil is rich in essential fatty acids and tocopherols. It protects against free radicals, stimulates the cells and delivers intense hydration. The formula combines the caring natural oil with micronized keratin, which rebuilds the hair’s structure without weighing it down.
I'm so excited to do my hair and try it out these stunning products, see follow up review soon! 
You can now purchase your secret box from RetailBox

Miglio Designer Jewellery

So I’ve been a huge fan of Miglio Designer Jewellery for some time now and was super excited when I got asked to be a part of their bloggers campaign.
Firstly I had so much fun choosing the items I wanted from the wide range and options available in the catalogue. It was really such a tough choice, as every piece was unique and something new that I could easily incorporate into my style. The range included everything from bracelets, earrings, pendants, necklaces and rings. The options were endless and the designs rather exquisite.   

The first option I chose was the JET HEMATITE & BURNISHED SILVER SPEAR NECKLACE simply because it’s such a unique piece it can be worn formally or even casually. The multi strand bracelet added such a nice touch as it fit so nicely with everything I wear. I love the fact that these pieces are such an eye catching statement piece.

I cannot set my style in stone, as it all depends on my mood and how I feel on whatever particular day. However whether I was going for elegant, classy or even the playful fun look. The Miglio Jewellery just added that extra needed touch.
 My second option was the Petite Turquoise Semi-Precious Pendant I have an absolute love for pendants as its one those timeless pieces that can be worn over and over and remain chic as time passes. I teamed it up with a long necklace which can be worn different ways.
Wearing it long:
 Your necklace is one of 4 different lengths.
You can collect all and create a layered effect or simply wear it on its own with a pendant attached to it.
Wearing it short:
Wrap it around your neck to create multiple strands.
 The pendant can then be attached around all the chains.

Wrap it around:
This necklace can be wrapped around your wrist, dependant on size, to create a layered effect
Mix and match this with other bracelets and bangles!

Info on the Miglio Brand
Jenny and Mike Miller, from Cape Town, South Africa, began making jewellery in the 1980s. Their bold designs and quality product caught the attention of high end retail stores, and soon their passion became a thriving business. In the 1990s, in a market saturated with mass produced items, there was a need for an ethically made, vibrant and fashion-forward jewellery brand.

 If you want to start creating you Miglio Moments, check out website here for more details